Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Are you a capitalist pig?

I started reading this book and found this quiz at the beginning of the book (see reference to book at the end)

I'm sure that just like me, no matter what's your position, you will find this quiz funny:

Q1) How much should a worker be paid?
a) On a sliding scale depending on how important his work is to society
b) Enough to support his family
c) Just enough to keep him from quitting.

Q2) How much should a business charge for its products?
a) Just enough to cover expenses
b) Enough to keep employment high in the industry
c) The highest price it can.

Q3) If you are a car producer, how many deaths should your product cause per year?
a) Zero of course!
b) Obviously, as few as possible - the goal should be to make cars the safest form of transportation
c) Whatever number of deaths makes your firm the most money

Q4) You're hiring a receptionist. One applicant is efficient and the other is gorgeous. Which should you choose?
a) The efficient one
b) the gorgeous one
c) Hire the gorgeous one if she attracts enough extra business to compensate for her inefficiency, otherwise hire the efficient one.

They say if you answered (c) in at least 3 of all 4, you are a capitalist pig
No matter what's your point of view, you have to admit this is funny.
But then, I remembered this video joke I saw which fits nicely with question 4:
A bit crude humor but still funny.

For reference, this quiz is from this book

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